Steve LeBel at a book talk and book signing at The Book Nook & Java Shop on June 3, 2017.Welcome to my website.

I’m very excited about my young adult fantasy novels called The Universe Builder.  The first book, Bernie and the Putty, book has been winning national book contests, including the Grand Prize in the Writer’s Digest Book Contest and the Grand Prize from the Independent Authors Association.  I’m very pleased by how much everyone likes what I have written.

ebook and print versions were published and are available on and local retail stores.  The book received wonderful reviews, averaging 4.7 stars.  And, to top it all off, I’ve received 16 national and international awards for it.

To promote the book, I created a website called The Universe Builders.  That’s where I tell the story of Bernie and his friends as they perform their godly tasks.  There are now four books in The Universe Builders Series.  Check them out at:

On this website, you can find articles and short stories I’ve written.  When you comment on them (as I hope you will), your comment will be displayed.  So far, the most popular stories are my youthful tales of rocket building (Rocket Building 101) and more recently my adventures with launching sky lanterns (The Sky Lantern Incident).  Check them out.

I hope you find something you like…