Top Ten Reviews

One of my favorite sites over the years has been  They started out reviewing internet and computer-related items like website hosting services, email services, virus protection software, etc.  Since then, they expanded into a broad range of topics.  It is an internet version of Consumers Report, and I think it is better.  And its free.

This is one of the first places I go when I want to see if something has been reviewed.  They identify the top 10 products in each category.  They have a useful description of the important features of the products so you can figure out what is important.  They tell you how the products compare on a number of different criteria.  And they give you the price.

To give you an example of the range of reviews, these are some of the reviews you can find at their site:

    • Best Selling Laptops
    • Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners
    • Digital Camera Reviews
    • Top 10 Phones and Plans
    • All-In-One Printer Reviews
    • Best Washing Machines
    • Internet TV
    • Online Stock Trading
    • and much, much more…

At the bottom of their website is the opportunity to join their mailing list.  This is one I have been on for a long time.  The most important thing, of course, is they send you the new reviews they have completed.  They even include little blurbs about things like:  how to speed up your computer, why smart phones are turning us into work-a-holics, the “doomsday virus”, and more.

I highly recommend it.

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