Our Chariot Awaits…

Marge and I are joining Jeff and Peg for a Mediterranean Cruise.  We will be in Rome for 3-4 days before boarding the cruise ship for a 12-day trip that will take us from Italy to Greece to Turkey and back to Italy.

I tried to arrange a trip to see the ruins of Troy.  There are several trips offered out of Istanbul, but every one of them would fail to return before the ship sailed again.  Looks like my quest to explore Troy will have to wait for another time.

We also checked trips out of Athens that would take us to see Delphi (where the famous Oracle predicted the future in the Temple of Apollo).  Same problem.  We can find the tours, but none of them will get us back in time for the ship’s departure.  I have been there before, but Marge wanted to see this one.

But there will be lots of great places to see:  Rome, Colosseum, Vatican, Naples, Pompei, Herculaneum, Athens, the Acropolis, Mykonos, Santorini, Istanbul, Ephesus, and much more.  It is a good thing we have digital cameras now because I don’t think I could afford all the film.   😉

We will back in time for Trick-Or-Treating.


4 thoughts on “Our Chariot Awaits…”

  1. Be safe, enjoy every minute, bring back lots of pictures of ancient sites, and beware of Greeks bearing gifts.


  2. When in Rome, check to see whether the restaurant A la Rampa is still situated beneath the Spanish Steps. If so, try the saltimbocca ala Romana. Toscana’s opposite the Villa Borghese was featured in at least one well-known 50’s film. Mariano’s is not far from the American Embassy, and the food and service there were excellent…thirty years ago when I was there on duty. (Some tough duty.) Charley

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